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Fee Schedule

Requirements for Standardization of Documents

Our current accepted forms of payment for recordings are cash and check only.

Sangamon County Recorder - A Grantee/Grantor Office Fees – Effective August 2005

Document Preparation is a specialized task which may demand legal knowledge or advice.

Documents must contain: Name and Address of Prepared By, Return To, Tax Bill To (if applicable), also Tax ID# and Common Address (last two items may be acquired at 217-753-6805).  Black Ink is required.

Recording Fees for real property transactions:

  • Standard 8 1/2 x 11 with at least a 3 x 5 blank space in the upper right hand corner -  fee up to four pages - $39.00
    Additional pages - $1.00 each
    Types of Documents:
    Agreements/Options to Purchase, Assignments, Coal Lease, Deeds/Contract for Deed, Easements (other than public utility), Extensions, Foreclosures, Land Grants, Leases, Lis Pendens, Liens, Mineral Deed, Monument Records, Mortgages and Notes, Mortgage Releases, Notice of Reclamation, Plats/Surveys, Oil & Gas Lease, Royalty Deed, Subordinations, Timber Agreement/Lease
  • Non-Standard Not meeting standardization requirements (click link at top of page) - fees up to four pages - $54.00
    Additional pages - $2.00 each
  • Deed/Leases may require Transfer Tax Stamps - $.50 per $500.00 value for State plus $.25 per $500.00 value for County – refer to:

Exceptions to Surcharge: Judgments/Releases, Notice of Probate, Power of Attorney, UCC's and birth records, death certificates, marriage records (outside of Sangamon Co)

  • 8 1/2 x 11 - fee up to four pages - $29.00
    Additional pages - $1.00 each

All Recordings Referencing Prior Recorded Documents
Referenced w/o legal descriptions – examples: releases, assignments, subordination leases, etc - per reference number - $1.00 each
Referenced w/legal description one reference number included - $1.00 each additional reference number

Annexations, De-Annexations, Condo or Subdivision Plats
W/four (4) copies - $74.00 each
W/o four (4) copies – Additional $5.00

Blanket Assignments within same document - $39.00 minimum
Additional Names/References within same - $7.00 each

Copies: Certified (all documents except Plats) - $26.00
Non-Certified - first two (2) pages - $2.00 – add'l pages - $.25 each

Escrow Accounts (a minimum of ($25.00) for frequent filers or copy/fax requests – call 217-535-3151. Monthly statements provided.

Faxed Requests/Email Requests require payment in advance or escrow account (up to four (4) pages) cover included - $5.00 each – add'l pages - $.25 each
(See Copy Requests on this website)

Genealogical Searches - $25.00 each
Copies - $2.00 first two (2) pages - $.25 each add'l page

Handling Fee - Documents lacking statutory or county requirements will be returned and $2.00 per document is required.

No Lien Information / Searches or Legal Descriptions are given via phone.

Requests must be sent in writing or can be faxed w/account giving name, legal (if applicable), date range - call (217)535-3153
(See Copy Requests on this website)

Federal or State Lien / Release must include the parties name(s) to be searched, type of lien or release (Federal or State), ID SSN number, amount of lien.

Federal Searches – per name or DBA - $10.00 each

Federal Lien / Release Copies - $2.00 each

State Searches Per Name / Per Address - $10.00 each

State Lien / Release Copies - $2.00 each

Plats 11" x 17" size - $3.00 each
Up to 30" x 36" - $5.00 each

UCC Filing - Real Estate / Fixture Filing - $34.00 – Termination - $14.00
UCC Search - NAME, DBA, ADDRESS - $10.00 each
UCC Copies - $1.00 each

Veteran's Record DD-214 with ID - No charge

For any additional information call: 217-535-3140

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